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22 January 2012 @ 05:32 pm
Hi guys! It's been a while...
I feel kind of sorry to let this abandoned, last year was kind of hard
I thought "nobody read the craps I post, so fuck it off" but than I realized that this is important for me and if only one person read this or if I could  be usefull to someone, It's pleasure to me
that's it... soon I'll bring new things... maybe a fanfic, download or my mess point of view of something
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12 October 2011 @ 03:16 pm
Please NEWS, now you're four. Do your best now cuz we'll support you forever.

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09 March 2011 @ 09:15 pm
Bom, Resolvi colocar aqui a discografia completa do Arashi. Espero que seja útil pra vcs^^

[1999.11.03] A・RA・SHI MF | MU
[2000.04.05] SUNRISE日本/HORIZON {Sunrise Nippon/Horizon} MF | MU
[2000.07.12] 台風ジェネレーション {Typhoon Generation} MF | MU
[2000.11.08] 感謝カンゲキ雨嵐 {Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi} MF | MU
[2001.04.18] 君のために僕がいる {Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru} MF | MU
[2001.08.01] 時代 {Jidai} MF | MU
[2002.02.06] A Day in Our Life MF | MU
[2002.04.16] ナイスな心意気 {Nice na Kokoroiki} MF | MU
[2002.10.17] PIKA☆NCHI MF | MU
[2003.02.13] とまどいながら {Tomadoi Nagara} MF | MU
[2003.09.03] ハダシの未来/言葉より大切なもの {Hadashi no Mirai/Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono} MF | MU
[2004.02.18] PIKA★★NCHI DOUBLE MF | MU
[2004.08.18] 瞳の中のGalaxy/Hero {Hitomi no Naka no Galaxy/Hero} MF | MU
[2005.03.23] サクラ咲ケ {Sakura Sake} MF
[2005.11.16] WISH MF | MU
[2006.05.17] きっと大丈夫 {Kitto Daijoubu} MF | MU
[2006.08.02] アオゾラペダル {Aozora Pedal} MF | MU
[2007.02.21] Love So Sweet MF | MU
[2007.05.01] We Can Make It! MF
[2007.09.05] Happiness MF | MU
[2008.02.20] Step and Go MF | MU
[2008.06.25] One Love MF | MU
[2008.08.20] Truth/風の向こうへ {truth/Kaze no Mukou e} MF | MU
[2008.11.05] Beautiful Days MF | MU
[2009.03.04] Believe/曇りのち、快晴 {Believe/Kumori Nochi, Kaisei} MF | MU
[2009.05.27] 明日の記憶/Crazy Moon~キミ・ハ・ムテキ~ {Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~} MF | MU
[2009.07.01] Everything MF | MU
[2009.11.11] マイガール {My Girl} MF | MU
[2010.03.03] Troublemaker MF | MU
[2010.05.19] Monster MF | MU
[2010.07.07] To Be Free MF | MU
[2010.09.08] Løve Rainbow MF | MU
[2010.10.06] Dear Snow MF
[2010.11.10] 果てない空 {Hatenai Sora} MF
[2011.02.23] Lotus MF

[2001.01.24] ARASHI No.1〜嵐は嵐を呼ぶ〜 {Arashi No.1 Ichigou: Arashi wa Arashi o Yobu!} MF
[2002.07.17] Here We Go! MF
[2003.07.09] How's It Going MF
[2004.07.21] いざッ、Now {Iza, Now!} MF
[2005.08.03] One MF
[2006.07.05] ARASHIC MF
[2007.07.11] Time MU (And the song Be With You was somehow not included MF)
[2008.04.23] Dream "A"live MF
[2010.08.04] 僕の見ている風景 {Boku no Miteiru Fukei} MU

[2002.04.16] 嵐 Single Collection 1999-2001 MF
[2004.11.10] 5×5 The Best Selection of 2002←2004 MF
[2009.08.19] Arashi 5x10 All The Best! (1999-2009) MU

[2004] Sketch {For Arashi's 5th Anniversary} MF | MU
[2008.09.05] Re(mark)able MF | MU
[2009.06.07] Green MF

Ps.: Todos os créditos são do livejournal abaixo.
Ps.: All credits goes to
[info]aibajunior to update this. Thanks you
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02 March 2011 @ 02:52 pm
My father once told me
Not to lie

But he also forgot
To tell me the truth

The reality of the world I would know

The traumas that we just feel after growing

He spoke of angels I have known
In the delirium of the fever that burned
From my little body that was suffering
Without understanding anything

One night, my wife
Seeing my sleep shaken

Said that the nightmares are some trouble sleeping

During the day we try
With smiles disguise
Something in the soul
We suffocate

My father tried to fill fantasy
And beautify the things I saw
But these angels are now gone
After I grew up

From my childhood now so far
Those angels in time I lost

My father felt what I feel now
After I grew up

Now I know what my father
I wanted to hide

Sometimes the lies also help us  to live

Maybe one day to my son
I also have to lie
beautify the paths
He will one day follow

My father felt,
I felt what I feel now
After I grew up

*note: this song was Not written by me, it's from a Brazilian singer called Roberto Carlos
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23 February 2011 @ 02:52 pm
honestly, i love birthday but it always make me kind of… sad? Maybe
22… so I remembered this song

"When she was 22 the future looked bright
But she's nearly 30 now and she's out every night
I see that look in her face she's got that look in her eye
She's thinking how did I get here and wondering why

It's sad but it's true how society says
Her life is already over
There's nothing to do and there's nothing to say
Til the man of her dreams comes along picks her up and puts her over his shoulder
It seems so unlikely in this day and age

She's got an alright job but it's not a career
Wherever she thinks about it, it brings her to tears
Cause all she wants is a boyfriend
She gets one-night stands
She's thinking how did I get here
I'm doing all that I can "

Today my future looks bright, but I don’t really know where am i going and how to get there...
Thing are becoming hard and looking back, neither know what I’ve done in this 22 years.
Feels like tomorrow I’ll be 30 and get the same feeling.

Hope not.
Really depressive this post, it sucks. sorry
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12 December 2010 @ 10:05 pm
I almost thought you'd never make me feel like this
self pity and unusefull and stagnant
guess I've forgotten who I am.
I'm done, really done
so why I can't get away?
Feels like I'm freaking out everyday, taking a road that leads me to nowhere
Thanks for turn my life miserable

I hope I can stand there when you fall down.
Be sure, I won't move a finger.
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07 November 2010 @ 12:23 am

Ichibu To Zenbu

One and all


Anata wa watashi no honno ichibu shika shiranai
Kachi hokoru you ni warawarete mo
Sorehodo iyajanai yo

Umarete kuru mae kiita youna sono fukai koe
Soredake de jinsei no okazu ni
Nareru kurai desu

Subete shiru no wa toutei muri na no ni
Bokura wa doushite
Aku made nande mo seifuku shitagaru
Kanpeki wo oi motome (Chimanako de)
Ai shinukeru pointo ga hitotsu arya ii noni

Moshi sore ga kimi no honno ichibu dato shite mo
Nani yori mo kakujitsu ni hakkiri suki na tokoro nanda (Nani ga nande mo)
Komatta toki sukoshi mayuge wo magete misetari
Daki yoseru to hotto suru youna yawara kasadattari

Subete tsukan da tsumori ni nareba mata kizutsuku darou
Honto ni iru no wa umu wo iwasenai attouteki na te zawari (Ah, you are the one)
Ai shinukeru pointo ga hitotsu arya ii noni

Kimi ni shika wakaranai koto (I can't tell)
Boku dake ga miete iru koto (Never know)
Dore mo honto no koto

Subete nani ka no ichibu tte koto ni bokura wa kidzukanai
Itoshii wake wo mitsu ketano nara
Mou ushinawanai de (Ah, you are the one)

Ai shinukeru pointo ga hitotsu arya ii noni
Soredake de ii noni

"You only know one true part of me"
If you laugh triumphly
I don't want that

That deep voice that I seem to have heard before I was born
That's just life's lesson that you have to get used to

Even though it's impossible to know everything
Why do we persist and want to conquer anything
Striving for perfection (In a frenzy)
Nevertheless, loving one part of me is enough

Assuming if that is one true part of you
It is most certainly, clearly my favourite part for sure
(Whatever it is)

In trouble times, wiggling your eyebrows a little
embrace truly like softening up
When embracing you, it's like you're softening up

If I obtained all of my dreams
You wouldn't notice again, would you?
What I need is not a yes or no to be said
A overwhelming touch (Ah, you are the one)
Nevertheless, loving one part of me is enough

Only things you would know (I can't tell)
Only things I could see (Never know)
Either is the truth

Everything is part of something
We don't realize it
If you found a worthy reason
Don't ever lose it (Ah, you are the one)

Nevertheless, loving one part of me is enough
Nevertheless, just that is enough

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02 November 2010 @ 06:50 pm
I could say many things to you, about you
thing's that you'll never read, but even though, I want you to have the best day ever

I love your poker face, your sharp tongue, when you're been bad, so bad guy
and more even when you smile

guess I'd do anything for this smile...

Omedetou Ryo-chan

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02 November 2010 @ 04:35 pm
"Eu acho que encontrei algo mais para ficar por perto, ele diz com um sorriso"

quasi una fantasia [2]Collapse )

O idiota do livejournal não me deixou colocar tudo num post só, mas é isso. E me recuso a colocar outra foto, essa tá linda.
Era pra ser uma fic de halloween mas eu acabei não terminando, mas acho que cai bem pro dia de hoje também! hahahaha
Espero que tenham gostado

falando em livejournal sacanear, não consigo mais colocar nenhuma userpic, ele reclama do tamanho... mas as fotos são pequenas!
02 November 2010 @ 04:31 pm
"Eu acho que encontrei algo mais para ficar por perto, ele diz com um sorriso"

quasi una fantasiaCollapse )
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